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Purchasing a personal motor vehicle in Massachusetts* comes with some of the nation's strongest consumer rights against the unfair and abusive practices of dealers, lender, and repossessors. However, those rights are only as good as those who use them. Don’t trust them to tell you your rights. Used car dealers commonly tell their customers that it’s not their problem if the vehicle breaks down after 30 days. Lenders will say that you have no choice but to keep making payments on your “lemon.” Repossessors demand that you “have to” hand over the keys. They may be lying to you. 
Korth Law Office emphasizes Massachusetts consumer automobile law. Much more than just a one-size-fits-all “Lemon Law firm”, our office explores the multiple possible consumer rights with each client to find the best possible solution. We frequently get compensation for clients even if they don’t qualify for a Lemon Law refund.




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Car troubles can stretch a family financially. Fortunately, most consumer protection laws allow for recovery of attorney’s fees. That means in successful cases the defendant, such as the dealer or lender, will have to pay some or all of your legal costs. This allows Korth Law Office to provide affordable representation. The initial telephone consultation is free. While Attorney Korth personally negotiates the fee arrangement for every client, the typical client only makes a single upfront payment with all other fees coming from the defendant if and when we get recovery for you. 
Our office is in the Springfield area but we provide convenient representation across the state. Korth Law Office also represents consumers from other states who purchased or leased their vehicles from a Massachusetts dealer.  Korth Law Office generally does not take cases against private sellers.
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